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McAfee is one of the world’s largest dedicated security technology companies. Its top-notch security solution, McAfee, antivirus is designed to protect computers from infections, viruses, Trojan, malware, spyware and other such harmful elements.

In order to use McAfee antivirus, it is required to take a McAfee premium package. However, you can use it after taking its free trials for 30 days.

Once you have the product, you need to activate it. You can download McAfee after which you need to perform McAfee login.

Let’s understand how to download and login McAfee mobile security

Steps to download McAfee mobile security

  1. 01) Go to play store on your mobile device.
  2. 02) In the search bar type McAfee mobile security.
  3. 03) Once the name appears on your screen, select it.
  4. 04) After the selection of the application click on install.
  5. 05) Once the application is installed, you can open it.
  6. 06) On opening it, you will be asked to allow it access to secure your device.
  7. 07) Now you would have to log into your McAfee account.

Steps to McAfee login on mobile security

  1. 01) Navigate to
  2. 02) You will find the option “Click on have a site?” in the top right corner; click on it.
  3. 03) Click on sign in that appears near the top of the screen.
  4. 04) Now, enter your email address and your credentials.
  5. 05) You have to identify your registered email address.
  6. 06) You have to use your registered email address to login your McAfee account. In case you forget the registered email address, you can even reset the password.

If you still find some trouble with the Mcafee login, you can use the help of McAfee expert – the technicians who are well certified and trained to deal with all technical errors associated with

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