Stop navigating suspicious pop-ups while playing games

Our generation has developed a keen love for gaming. They access games on their smartphones, laptops on their gaming consoles. It is surprising how much games they can play in a day.

The time spent on gaming may not draw your attention, but the risks involved in playing online games will do. Online security is the most common issue nowadays. Parents are looking for the best possible solution to secure their child’s identity online.

Pros of playing games online

Playing games helps to manage the anger, anxiety, depression which you usually face in your daily routine. It even helps in improving the memory and the ability to be resilient. Moreover, when you are playing games online, you will get the opportunity to do social interactions with other gamers.  

About the Parent’s concern

Majority of parents realize that there are some dangers associated with gaming. Apart from the concern related to their habits, most of them are concerned about cyber bullying or their child becoming a victim of cybercrime.

Parents take to avenge the risks of Online gaming

Parents are taking a step further to educate their kids about the challenges and pit falls of the cyber world. They should monitor their child’s online activities so that they can manage it by putting Parental control on their web surfing. They should put a bar on wild imaginations of childrens of certain age group so that they cannot play the games infused with adult content.

How can Parents secure kids while playing games online?

  • Start having a conversation with your kids

If you have young kids, then start telling them to follow the rules such as ‘do not open this site’, ‘decline unknown friend request’ etc. If you have adult kids then, you need to monitor their online activities by having a word with them.

  • Be aware of clicking suspicious contents online

Cybercriminals can use the top-ranked games to lure your kids and send malicious links to their account. Make sure they are playing games online on a secured platform.

  • You have to take control of how long your kids are playing games online

Set parental control on the websites which contain suspicious files and documents. If you don’t want your kids to access the particular website for long, you can even block that site.

  • Avoid clicking malicious links online

In case, your kids are searching websites and links for gaming cheat codes, tools, etc then you must use McAfee Web Advisor to avoid malicious sites.

  • Make sure, your child’s security is protected

You should invest in security products such as McAfee Total Protection which will keep your device safe from malware. Make sure that you update your security application so that your child’s identity is protected for long.

To Conclude:-

Cybercriminals are now implementing new ways to hack your data online, so it has become mandatory to secure your child’s identity while they play games online. So, for Parents, it plays an important role to monitor their child’s activities online.